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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  January 27, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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"france "france 24 24 >> welcome back to the" -- >> welcome back to the "france newsroom. in tunisia, lawmakers finally adopted one of the most progressive constitutions in the arab world. ukraine threatens to impose a state of emergency if protesters do not leave the justice ministry the occupied late sunday, this as antigovernment protests read throughout the country. success inggest grammy history, duo daft punk win big for their smash song this summer "get lucky."
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>> also coming up, victory for the french handball team who lock in their third euro championship title with a win over denmark third those details coming up in sports. as the world focuses on the syrian peace talks in geneva, the old -- to the effect the crisis is having on its neighbors with former u.s. congressman robert wexler which -- who heads up the abraham center for middle east peace. top news stories -- unprecedented scenes in the tunisian parliamentary chamber this week and with assembly deputies hugging, dancing, and singing after they approved a historically constitution that has now just been signed, you can see in the pictures. the new charter has been widely praised for inclusiveness in
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freedom of belief and equality between the sexes and that also marks one of the last steps toward establishing a full democracy three years after the country's uprising. here is more from the signing ceremony yesterday. >> the constitution and shores good governance on a solid and a new civil and democratic state, which will be in line with the tunisian people's muslim identity. as well as that of the other communities. >> misha, tell us a little bit more about reaction to the signing of this document today. >> the interim president, head of the constituent assembly and prime minister all put their signatures on the new
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constitution, officially putting it into law. lyrical figures, many visiting foreign dignitaries, even ,ournalists were cheering sharing this moment to moment in tunisia history and history of the arab world and the world as a whole. aspects of the constitution will start being put into effect right away while others will be phased ian after elections which lawmakers have omitted in writing -- committed to holding before the end of the year. this is certainly a momentous and important step on the way to tunisia's transition to a full constitutionally mandated and stable democracy. exactly inwhat is this constitution. how did they find a balance between the opposing side? >> it has been a very hard won compromise the last two years or so. and, the compromise that worked out in favor of those -- in favord, those
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looking for a more progressive foundation for tunisian government and society as a while making the reference to tunisia's identity as an arab and islamic country. in some critics eyes, it has led to a few contradictions in the text of the -- text of the constitution. for example, the fact that the freedom of conscience is guaranteed, therefore granting rights to non-believers and ofeists while another clause the constitution says that the president of the country must be a muslim. in spite of such small potential contradictions, overall it is a body of text which constitutional experts said is very strong and very progressive, certainly the most progressive in the air world. a historic step forward for democracy here in tunisia. >> thank you for that. in ukraine, the country's 21 -- two months long lyrical crisis
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has shown no signs of abating and rather protests are spreading. activists have seized government buildings and clashes with riot police in several cities including the pro-russia used. the government threatened to impose a state of emergency if protesters do not leave the justice building that they occupied late thursday night. >> i'm a member of the working group to find solutions to the current situation, and i will be forced to address the president of ukraine and ask them to stop the talks unless a ministry building is freed immediately and participant in the talks are given a chance to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. let's hear from our correspondent sebastian in kiev. >> it was quiet. actually many of the center of kiev relaxed. but the wrong impression --
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impression because hundreds stormed the ministry of justice late in the evening and they have been holding it since. the leader of the opposition showed up at night and tried to convince the demonstrators to leave the premises because he fears an escalation of violence and political intervention. they refused and actually stayed up until now. side of the ministry just a few minutes ago, and you in militaryen dressing will keep watch. entering,yone from even journalists, and also on the street leading to the ministry you already have impressive barricades which have been erected during the night. for now, no signs of police maneuvers, but we know the ministry -- minister of justice herself lukasch threatened -- , threatened ah
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state of emergency. if we take this announcement and the situation in the region that is getting more trouble, it may tense up again. where the interim president announced early presidential elections. begin on television today, mansu said egypt will hold a president -- parliamentary vote before the -- after the army overthrew mohamed morsi last summer. many analysts say the long expected change could pave the way for this with selection of army chief general al-sisi who was just promoted now to the top look terry rank of marshal. military rank of marshal. >> a new step on the road back to democracy in egypt. in the interim president announced on sunday presidential elections will take place at head of a parliamentary vote,
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reneging on a previously announced political roadmap. >> i have made a decision to amend the country's transitional plan to allow for presidential elections before parliamentary polls. i will ask the election commission today to start the registration process for presidential candidates. in thecision made aftermath of large-scale demonstrations across cairo to make events meant to mark the revolution that ousted former ruler hosni mubarak three years ago but it is looking more like the majority of egyptians favor a new strongman at the helm. >> most important thing for us is stability, and elections will happen shortly and are candidate is general al-sisi. >> opponents of the army, which also held rallies on saturday that were suppressed equities, were not in favor of the change. >> it is not acceptable to move the presidential election forward. so why do we have a revolution? first and should come then afterward president
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election. it is not acceptable to return to the date it is shifted heart ache we have now. parliamentary elections must come first because they represent the people. >> residential elections are set to be held before the end of april with parliamentary polls before the end of july. talks, finallyf signs of some progress at the syrian peace conference, the glimmer of hope, zumba government saying woman and children can leave homs immediately, after negotiators from the opposite side discussed humanitarian gestures on the second day of face-to-face talks in the swiss city of geneva. it is hoped when the two sides meet again today they can allow humanitarian access to homs to give aid to the thousands living in dire conditions. let's listen now to the chief of staff to the president of the opposition coalition. >> agree on each and every member of the transitional body. on structure.e
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not acceptable are people who commit crimes against humanity and war crimes -- including hise in his -- al-assad and associates who have blood on their hands of people with a minute crimes are not acceptable in the body. but at the same time there are many people who are still working in the government that did not commit crimes and they can be acceptable to work with and they can be part with the future. to geneva with our correspondent. john, this is the first day where there have actually been talks about a possible transitional government but yet we just heard the syrian opposition being very clear about not having bashar al-assad in any transitional government. no surprise, but it does seem to be setting things up for the sort of deadlock we have seen all along. >> these opening shots on what will be very tough negotiations and whether mr. assad has any role in the future of syria is the epicenter of these negotiations.
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but this issue will probably be left until the very end of these talks. in the meantime, they will be trying to work around the other issues on how to structure the transitional authority, and at the very and decide what assad's role will be in this. but it is not really clear at this moment how the government representatives here will accept or not the demands of the opposition. a short while earlier, a special saider to president assad even though members of the international community want mr. to go, he stressed he is popular in syria and the decision whether he has any role in the future of syria should be divided by the ballot box of these are old being salvos to jockey for advantage but at the same time he mentioned that many syrians in the current regime are -- you are not tarnished by
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atrocities could be acceptable. basically here the syrians are trying to avoid what happened when saddam hussein fell in baghdad and the baptists were purged and the state imploded. veryrn diplomats are sensitive to the issues not to have a repeat situation in neighboring syria at the moment. and what about humanitarian aid and prisoner exchange. what has been decided? .> a parallel track hope that what was outlined , andrday will materialize he mentioned there are 12 trucks on the syrian red crescent waiting to go into homs city but it is not yet a done deal between the syrian authorities and the u.n. country team that has been negotiating. the quotations that that will come through. the other issue -- expectations that it will come through.
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the other issue, prisoner exchanges, they are disputing how many people on the list but mr. brahimi stressed yesterday that women, children, and the in prison should be released and he made that very clear. >> reporting from geneva. meanwhile, on the ground in syria rebels and government troops continue to clash. the syrian observatory for human rights reported fierce fighting in damascus and port said area south and -- central domestic the strict. french president francois hollande is flying to turkey today for a landmark visit, the first and 22 years by a french president. the talks, which will be hosted by turkish president abdullah gull are expected to focus on bilateral tiles, turkey's eu bid
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and the crisis in neighboring syria. however, the visit comes at a critical time when relations with the eu have become tense amid growing concerns about the independence of the judiciary and respect for the rule of law. that is following the government's response to a major corruption scandal. meanwhile, the french mayident's former partner no longer be the french first lady but it has not stopped her from making a humanitarian trip to india. resident hollande confirm the relationship was over following allegations he was having an affair with an actress but the first lady decided to go ahead to a preplanned trip to mumbai which was planned months ago and funded mostly by part -- private companies. bikhram, she gave a discovered a short while ago. did she talk about the split? >> that was the question on
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everyone's mind. she did initially speak about her previous visits to india, including as first lady with president francois hollande. when she was talking about her time as first lady -- split, she said it was not for her to just performance but she said she has changed a lot after 19 months in a position. she said she is doing well at the moment and issue thanks to everyone for their support, but she did not say much more about the president and allegations of his unfair and what has been an extremely turbulent life changing past couple of weeks for her personally. am, who was at the press comics, indian journalist or mostly foreign press? >> she has been followed since her arrival late last night by about 50 journalist, the vast majority from french or international media. at the press conference there was some indian journalists but they were mostly concerned about her work on malnutrition and her
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previous visits here while her french counterparts were focused mostly on her private life and her future after splitting with francois hollande. it was her first appearance in the media after revelations about the president's elected affair. she does seem to be firmly concentrated on her future and what will be a very different life for her now. singh reporting from will buy. france's biggest success in grammy history happened last night. do daft punk one big for their smash song over the summer "lucky." they were in their traditional robot uniforms and masks. they won best album and record of the year. the duo were up all night and certainly got lucky. five awards including best album for random access memory, and the french artist has ever won grammys. on a night which saw 33 couples,
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some of the same-sex, married during a ceremony, daft punk's songwriter paul williams read a tribute from the disguise the dj. >> a message from the robots, what they wanted me to say is as elegant and as classy as the grammy has ever been is the moment when we saw those wonderful marriages. >> also outspoken supporters of gay marriage, hip-hop outfit macklemore and ryan lewis, won best new artist and wrap outlook for the record "the highest." 17-year-old new zealander lorde became the third youngest grammy award winner ever winning song of the year for her breakout hit " royals." wonear-old paul mccartney best rock song for cut me some slack. later on the pop icon linked up with the only other surviving , juliaof the beatles roberts announcing the surprise on stage reunion.
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>> sir paul mccartney with a little help from his friend, ringo starr. >> the performance was only the fourth time the pair has played together since 2002. a new track harkening back to the old days of the beatles best-loved pop hits. >> let's look at the headlines. step towardanother democracy in tunisia. after decades of dictatorship and two years of argument, lawmakers have finally adopted and signed one of the most progressive constitutions in the arab world. ukraine threatens to impose a state of emergency as protesters do not leave the justice ministry. this as antigovernment protests spread across the country. progress at the geneva peace talks. the syrian government agrees to allow women and children out of the besieged city of homs and talks continue this money under a whole u.n. plans for a
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political transition will be discussed. the ongoing crisis in syria and the affect it has had on the region is the subject of today's inside look at my guest is former u.s. congressman robert wexler. after serving as a democratic member of congress for seven terms he heads up the s daniel abraham center for middle east east. congress and wexler, thank you for joining us. is on the talks in geneva. today for the first time they will be talking about a transitional government. do you think there is any way this happened? >> i think there is a way they would have talks, yes, but the question is will there be tangible results to build confidence particularly with the opposition. i think that is what is critical. they are going to have to show their people that by coming to the talks, they delivered some , suchf value added event as humanitarian relief. if they can show that they have a tangible result, then i think you might have that type of confidence boost that is
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required to get into a real discussion. out ofere just hearing geneva that the talks are already deadlocked. not much of a surprise in opening remarks. our position again said they did not want any transitional government with shauna sat in it . the regime is not even mentioning the transitional government. what is the way out of this infamous deadlock? >> the negotiator -- negotiators, mediators, united states, european allies would have to find common ground. the common ground i hope that we will be able to find is when our russian counterparts. of thehink the example agreement that was reached regarding chemical weapons in syria -- of course, that was not a transition of the assad government, but when the united states,-- if the united europe, and russia can agree to a set of principles then i think au have a possibility of consensus. yes, the two sides, the assad government and opposition but also what it is important is what is happening in the united
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states, russia, european leaders. >> another key player -- russia, you mention russia won it and to participate in the talks. john kerry, u.s. secretary of state, said no way iran would not be at the table unless they agree to the first geneva and indicated it should iran be on the table today? what if they agree on -- >> if they agree on the first communiqué, that there should be sung, and -- the kind of transition, yes, iran could play a constructive role. can do is avoid the question of a transition and then pretend as if they are not playing a very instrumental role in powerg assad through the use of hezbollah fighters. iran cannot have it both ways. either they need to be part of a solution, which unfortunately they are not yet there, or they will continue to be part of the problem. and iran wants to have it both ways, and they can't. >> the day some reports came out that the israeli air force bombed a syrian base in northern
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syria. it is still unconformity but there are any reports of targeting of syrian weapons caches. what kind of impact might that have on the situation in syria? there are fears that weapons could -- and weapons could go to hezbollah. ivan fears justified? >> of course, from the israeli perspective they are justified and israel has had over again and acted consistently that if they perceive their interest are threatened through a transfer of weaponry, they would act. apparently, if the reports are correct, they have done so in this case. i do not think it will endanger the situation between syria and israel, and in the sense of hezbollah, what continues to show is they are now divided, they no longer are true to their original purpose which was, of course, to engage against israel, and it is yet another example for the arab world in particular that hezbollah is in essence now an agent of fighting
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other arabs, an agent in the war against the searing and people and that, i think, is very important in terms of establishing the credibility of what is being done or attempted to be done in geneva. understand that iran and hezbollah are very much a part of the problem here. >> absolutely. there has been part of -- has been fighting inside lebanon, and in lebanon -- a group linked to al qaeda branching out from syria into iraq, and do you think this could tip into all-out war? >> i do not think it will be an all out war but it is certainly an escalating degree of chaos and violence, which threatens people in the region but also threatens europe and the threatens russia and it threatens the olympics that are about to happen. i think what secretary's goal and the united the goal is for
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europeans, russians, for those of us not directly but indirectly in a very important way affected by this conflict to join together to create a political transition that will meet the objectives of allowing syria to move forward as an ,utonomous country in one piece bringing in as many parts of the political equation if possible. if we do not accomplish is, then your scenario will likely occur, and that is greater and greater violence, greater and greater chaos, greater and greater instability, not just in syria but in lebanon and the countries you mentioned. >> thank you so much, congressman wexler. for all of the handball fans, happy news in france, they are celebrating their team's victory at the european championships. all the details and boards right now. -- in sports right now. >> france clinched their third
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european handball title against denmark. led by seven at halftime. his superb goal as france underlined the supremacy in effect. resigned ingned -- defeat. rubbing salt on the wounds. 41-32 winners. beginning of the match we tried to put the heat on them and beat them at their own game. we did well. then we had to keep our lead intact in the end because denmark is a good team. but they play too individually and that is how we were able to win the match. unreal. almost you can imagine it was possible, but honestly this scenario, we never even thought about it. it was perhaps the easiest final
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to win, but it certainly was not the easiest competition by any means. event wrapsbined up, upon -- outline scheme action in the men's world cup circuit. alex --the 22-year-old became the france team's first win of the season last weekend and finds himself in perfect condition to continue his run here. super g. fastest slalom of the leading protagonists. .79 seconds to claim first world cup victory of his career. pintirau.nds behind current world champion. the american not able to turn that took advantage.
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secondredths behind in base but in good form ahead of sochi. mills disqualification. marshall hirsch --ña7guc÷g99ñwg
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